Browly lived in several African and European countries before coming to France in 1998. As far as he can remember, he has always loved dancing and moving his soul to music, whether it’s solo or with others.

It is during his higher education that he discovered couple dancing with salsa which he taught for a few years.

In 2008, he discovers west coast swing during a small workshop, but it is only in 2011 that he meets it again and is really interested in it. What attracted him to this style of dance is the fact that it can be danced to many different types of music, as well as a certain freedom of movement because it is not totally “standardized”.

He then decided to dedicate himself fully into west coast swing and went to numerous west coast swing festivals in France and abroad to train and immerse himself in this dance. Along the way, he has alwyas loved to move on the dance floor and to improvise with others. Quickly, a partnership is proposed to him and that’s how he began during the summer 2011 to teach this dance. After having taught what he had learned himself from this dance, he gradually allowed himself to focus on movement and the exchange between two on the dance floor by taking advantage of west coast swing as a research platform.

Today, he continues to put all his energy into exploring the universe of possibilities of movement that one can create alone or with another (techniques, subtleties, and evolutions) but also to refine his pedagogy and his own movement. Thus, every day, he studies, analyzes and seeks to understand and feel better in order to progress as a dancer and as an educator. What he loves most is to move and share his passion with others.

Thus, Browly sees himself as a two-person movement alchemist to music! He doesn’t consider himself an instructor, or a teacher, or even a dance teacher, but simply a sharer* in the exploration of movement. He has the honor of having been a sharer on several festivals (small and large) and continues to travel throughout France and Europe alone or with his current partner, Inga K. He is recognized in the community as a social dancer and also for the experimental yet rigorous pedagogy in his workshops where his specialties are technique, understanding of movement as well as musical interpretation. He offers in his workshops journeys around movement with simplicity, passion and good humor.

*Sharer = person who shares. In this case, a person who shares his or her vision, leaving the person free to do what the other wants to do with it.