Browly, an alchimist of movement to music

As far back as he can remember, Browly has always loved dancing and moving his soul to music, whether solo or with others. He started couple dancing with salsa. In 2011, he fell in love with West Coast Swing. Shortly after that he decided to put a hold on his former job to fully embrace this dance, and dedicated himself to learning more about how to improve his dance and how to teach. More than the theory though, for him, it is about understanding what you do and how you do it, testing whatever you learn or find out on your own during your dance journey.

Today, making his way in the West Coast Swing community with hard work, perseverance and humility, Browly is not only known for his undeniable social dancing skills. He is also known for his workshops, as a professional whose pedagogy is well appreciated in his workshops or private lessons. He is clear and logical in technique classes and students love how he approaches musical interpretation in the dance.

Dancing is for him just another form of communication. You need to understand the words expressed through bodies to connect and create a great conversation with your partner.

My activities

Workshops 2022/2023

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